Waldeck — Memories (Lyrics)

Klaus Waldeck, usu­al­ly known by his stage name of Waldeck, is a Vien­nese for­mer copy­right lawyer and elec­tron­i­ca musi­cian. Some­times described as trip-hop, Waldeck’s songs have a very calm and laid­back theme.They often con­sist of mel­low vocals sung either by zee­bee, Joy Mal­colm or Bri­an Amos (although some­times they con­sist of only Waldeck’s instru­men­tals). While some peo­ple have mixed feel­ings towards the male-female vocal fluc­tu­a­tions, oth­ers feel that they offer ver­sa­til­i­ty in the sound while still main­tain­ing the unique style of his music.

This song belongs to the “Ball­room Sto­ries” album (2007).

The video scenes are tak­en from the “Addams Fam­i­ly” (TV series) (1964–1966). [101 The Addams Fam­i­ly Goes to School (09–18-64), 103 Fester’s Punc­tured Romance (10–02-64), 106 Mor­ti­cia Joins the Ladies League (10–23-64), 110 Wednes­day Leaves Home (11–20-64), 113 Lurch Learns to Dance (12–11-64), 133 Lurch the Teenage Idol (05–14-65), 201 My Fair Cousin Itt (09–17-65), 204 Mor­ti­cia Meets Roy­al­ty (10–08-65), 206 Cousin Itt’s Prob­lem (10–22-65), 219 The Great Trea­sure Hunt (01–21-66), 226 Cat Addams (03–11-66), 229 Lurch’s Grand Romance (04–01-66)]

Music and video, are prop­er­ty and copy­right of their owners.
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